Having just spent some time on the water for Christmas and knowing 2022 is around the corner, we’ll take a quick look at some business updates and introduce some of the best fishing to come to Anna Maria Island for 2022!

Double The Fun

Captain Nate is proud to announce that for 2022 (and beyond) we have added a second Captain and boat to the fleet at Captain Nate’s Fishing Guide & Charter Services. We have the boats, Captains, and gear to make 2022 epic for all that secure a day on the water with us.

Our new Captain, Captain Nick Kuhn, is a lifelong fisherman in the area and is fully licensed with the USCG holding a UVOP 6 Pack Captains License.

a picture of Gearing Up For 2022 In AMI with Captain Nate

This will allow Captain Nate to better serve his clientele, but – also, Tarpon fishing is back at the forefront for 2022 as captain Nick will be the dedicated Tarpon fishing guide for our Anna Maria Island guest. Last year was just a little too hectic for a one boat guide service, so we have solved all of that by doubling up our capabilities.

2022 Fishing Seasons

a picture of Gearing Up For 2022 In AMI with Captain Nate

This will be just a quick overview but will provide good indicators about what to expect and when.


Spring brings in exceptional inshore, nearshore, and backcountry fishing. While it can be easily said that this is true most of the year, we will see some new faces during spring such as black drum and Spanish mackerel. At the same time, snook, redfish, seatrout, and even tarpon will start elevating their activity as the water warms.


It’s hard to beat summer fishing in AMI. All of your inshore favorites will be on fire, we can throw some grouper and snapper in the mix, and the mass tarpon migration takes place through the area.


Things barely slow in Fall. The tarpon will begin migrating away, but all of our inshore favorites will be biting as hard as ever. We will also start seeing larger redfish as breeding females begin to start making inshore appearances.


Tarpon will be gone, but amazingly enough – snook will still be around. It takes a dramatic cold snap to turn those guys off, dramatic enough that most fishing slows. However, we’re in Florida – those days are few and far between. Backcountry fishing around warm water discharges and some inland waterways will start to become in focus as we enter late in the season. But, sight fishing will be awesome for those big breeder reds who will remain in the area during a good chunk of this season.

a picture of Gearing Up For 2022 In AMI with Captain Nate

Tarpon Time

We pulled tarpon aside to point out the main season as last year we slacked a bit in this department. As mentioned previously, we now have a dedicated tarpon fishing guide and we expect this season to be full-bore action – beginning to end. Tarpon will start biting again in spring, namely resident juvenile tarpon, but between May and July, we will see the massive schools of migrating tarpon that bring the big boys and girls into court fishery. 50-200lb rollers, that will provide you your shot at a 2022 Silver King!

a picture of Gearing Up For 2022 In AMI with Captain Nate

Fish With Us

We have trips departing daily and as spring 2022 starts to roll in our available spots will fill fast. To get started planning, check out the links below to learn more or to book your 2022 fishing adventure today!

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