Last Updated on February 7, 2022 by Eric Bonneman

New expectations for anglers visiting the Anna Maria Island area come with the changing seasons from winter to spring.   Higher temperatures mean warmer waters invigorating the inshore fish in our area. So it’s high time to start planning for some of the best weather of the year to take advantage of some of the best fishing Florida has to offer.

In general, warmer weather has a positive effect on Gulf Coast fishing. As the weather changes and days get longer, water temperatures rise. Along with warmer temperatures comes increased fish activity and movement.  

a picture of a fisherman holding a large redfish caught out of Bradenton in Tampa Bay

Fish start moving from winter hideouts to spring and summer feeding and spawning grounds.   They need to replenish their bodies after a slower winter feeding season and can have voracious appetites. Redfish, snook, trout, and other species spend their days actively searching for prey that is also more plentiful during this time of year. They’re stocking up on baitfish, crabs, shrimp, and other food as their metabolism increases.

Our area becomes alive in the spring with a rich and diverse sea life.   The ecosystem along the west coast of Florida springs to life with many species on the verge of an explosion of activity as spring rolls in.   

Many species see increased activity during the spring.

  • Redfish are on the move, and anglers can see great success looking for reds schooled up and ready to eat.   
  • In early spring, anglers looking for a tasty treat can still target an active sheepshead bite.  
  • Seatrout are abundant in our area during spring, and catch rates can be high during this time of the year.  
  • Snook are transitioning from their winter doldrums into warmer waters seeking food after a period of relatively dormant behavior.  
  • Anglers should take special note that the annual tarpon run is also right around the corner, starting in late spring and early summer.

a picture of a fisherman and captain nate showing a huge tarpon they caught in anna maria island Florida

As you can see, springtime is the perfect time to get on the water in search of many inshore species. So whether you’re looking for redfish in the shallows or targeting snook as they begin their journey from cold weather hideouts to warm water feeding grounds, you’re in the right place to see plenty of fishing action in Anna Maria Island.

Tight lines, everyone! The fishing in Anna Maria Island is fantastic in the spring. Jump on this exciting time of year and gear up for an amazing fishing season!