Tarpon, or the Silver King, is a majestic fish that captures the attention of anglers worldwide. Breathtakingly large and powerful, tarpon can be found in warm waters around Anna Maria Island, Florida, where guests can test their luck and catch a glimpse of a real Silver King.

It’s an excitement like no other, so if you’re an angler looking for a challenge, nothing compares to this gamefish. With its size and strength to put up an intense fight and its silver scales glistening in the sun, come to Anna Maria Island and make your fishing dreams come true!

Tarpon in AMI

The majestic tarpon is a sight to behold, growing to incredible sizes of up to 8 ft long and weighing over 300 lbs. Though they may reside in warmer waters for most of their life span, juvenile tarpon find sanctuary in the rivers and estuaries of our area as they reach adulthood and maturity at around 10 years old.

a picture of The Silver King is Coming: 2023 AMI Tarpon Run with Captain Nate

As they grow, they participate in a seasonal migration that follows along the Gulf or East Coast. During this journey, they can be found venturing deep offshore during new and full moons, an effort necessary for them to spawn with one another. The secret lives that tarpon lead never ceases to amaze those who encounter them.

Like clockwork, the great tarpon migration arrives at Anna Maria Island and the nearby areas when the water temperature hits the sweet spot of 75 degrees in late April. It is remarkable as these giant fish migrate through migratory routes and stop to feed before continuing their journey. This part of Florida provides a rich habitat for these impressive creatures, and it feels magical to witness their movement as if they are trumpeting in nature’s announcement of springtime.

The Tarpon Run in AMI

Every year from May to August, majestic tarpon arrive in huge schools in our area. These mighty fish gather around deep water passes, patiently awaiting their journey. Around the same time, vast numbers of these animals flock to the beaches and just offshore. During this time of year, any experienced angler can take advantage of the opportunity to target these giant adult tarpon as they make their annual migration. Whether it’s out on the beach or at a nearby pass, fishermen have ample opportunities during these few months to potentially haul in one of these giants. Truly awe-inspiring!

a picture of The Silver King is Coming: 2023 AMI Tarpon Run with Captain Nate

Fishing for adult tarpon can be an exhilarating and memorable experience. Adult tarpon are avid eaters most attracted to live baits like threadfins, pinfish, shrimp, and crabs. It’s popular to use large soft body swimbaits sight cast to the edges of moving schools or dropped down into lower water columns. No matter what bait is used, anglers should keep their eyes peeled for signs of fish activity, such as rolling, diving birds, or a change in water texture, as tarpon often reveal themselves before they strike!

The Thrill of Tarpon Fishing

Fishing for tarpon requires patience as they are often a challenge to hook. But don’t let this deter you; the reward is well worth the effort! Once hooked, the fight can last over an hour with multiple jumps of up to 20 feet out of the water. Witnessing this spectacle is awe-inspiring and thrilling – and what’s more, Captain Nate averages 6-8 tarpon bites per day during the season. Don’t wait any longer; book your charter now and join us for the Tarpon Run of 2023! One lucky angler could end up with the fish of a lifetime – it could be you!