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Are you an avid angler looking for the perfect spot to cast a line? Look no further than Anna Maria Island (AMI) and Bradenton- two oceanside gems offering prime inshore fishing conditions. However, before you load up your tackle box and gear, Let’s talk about the remarkable similarities and differences between these two fantastic locations.

Two of Florida’s Best

Anna Maria Island, or AMI, is located on the west side of Florida, directly borders Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, and is right next door to Palma Sola Bay. On AMI, there are numerous beaches, the most notable being Holmes Beach and Bradenton Beach. Not to be confused with Bradenton, FL, which is relatively right around the corner but is a coastal town bordering the Manatee River.

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With direct access to water, it’s hard for these two locations to compete on the quality of fishing in both locations. They both have access to the same inshore gamefish such as redfish, black drum, tarpon, trout, flounder, etc. But they also have some differences, the main differences being the location of the deeper waters for AMI and the further inshore waters associated with Bradenton.

There is also plenty of vacation areas in both, though. On Anna Maria Island, you’ll have more access to historical buildings, the beach, and nature access, as well as an “old Florida” feel, if that’s what interests you. With plenty of activities, you’ll be sure to pick the right location with either one.

What’s the Difference?

No matter which one you pick, you’ll be sure to have a great time, but if you can’t choose between the two, here are some other differences. In relation to the fishing, in AMI, you have direct access to Tampa Bay, the Gulf, and Palma Sola. You will have the opportunity to take a shot at both nearshore and offshore fishing if you’ve got the rig for it, as well as flats fishing and access to the Sarasota Estuaries that are havens for fish to thrive.

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In Bradenton, being up a river means taking advantage of some of the positive effects of winter fishing. This is because fish that stay local tend to move inshore quite a bit to get out of the cooler deep waters. Fish will also chase their food into the coast, bringing not even fish inshore to escape the cold but also fish who are eager to bite. In Bradenton, you also have plenty of access to marsh-like areas, and you can take advantage of the backcountry, where those winter gamefish are hiding out in the smaller mangrove-lined waterways.


AMI-Holmes Beach-Bradenton Beach

When it comes to fishing in or around the Gulf Coast of Florida, there is no one better to do than Captain Nate. No matter where you’re fishing, it’ll be worth the ride if it’s an area he offers charters. With years of fishing experience, he knows how to find fish and ensure you get them on a hook no matter where it is. Inshore fishing is a fantastic experience you won’t miss out on, so book your trip with Captain Nate.